Horse Semen Shots A Big Hit In NZ Pub

by Trendy

Hoihoi tatea is an apple infused horse semen shots that is proving to be a very popular drink at the Green Man Pub in central Wellington, New Zealand. The pub created this drink as part of their entry to the 14th annual Monteith’s Beer & Wild Food Challenge. The drink is a huge hit with the women who visit the pub. Horse semen is understood to have some possible health benefits as they boost the testosterone levels due to the DHEA hormone.

The horse semen shot is an optional part of the “Come Fly With Me My Pretties” dish. This wild dish is the Green Man Pub’s entry in the food challenge. Here is a complete description of the dish from the food challenge website:

Seared Asian duck, pork and paua spring rolls accompanied with sweet soy and chilli sauces. Complimented by Monteith’s Radler Bier to prop up the Asian influence with a citrus twist. For the daring, chase the dish with an optional shot of apple infused hoihoi tatea (horse semen).

Horse semen is not cheap and the pub pays $300 to get 20 vials of horse semen. A few months ago, horse semen shots were being sold for $10 by the stallion shot booth at the Hokitika Wildfoods festival in NZ. Check out this video of a few people trying out the shots.

Hokitika Wildfoods festival in NZ


Source  : The Dominion Post

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