John Stone, A Green Bay Packers Fan, Loses Job After Wearing A Packers Tie To Work

by Trendy

Are the Chicago Bears fans just sore losers? The story of a John Stone, a car salesman at the Webb Chevrolet dealership in Chicago, will make you think so.  John Stone is a life long Green Bay Packers fan just like his grandmother was. He lost his grandma just a few days ago and decided to wear a Packers tie to work to honor her life and love for the Green Bay Packers. But general manager Jerry Roberts could not stand it and immediately fired John Stone. In his defense, he says that the car dealership has ad campaigns around the Chicago Bears and it was not appropriate for one of his employees to show love for their rivals. I think this is just plain bullshit. I hope John Stone calls his lawyers and sues this hopeless dealership’s ass.

Here is a video from WGNTV in Chicago. This is discrimination at a work place at its best.


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