Time For Fall Yard And Garden Clean Up

by Trendy

Fall is here and it brings cool weather and respite from the hot summer days. Fall is also the time for your trees to do their color changing routine. This also means that our yards and gardens will be full with fallen leaves in no time. Make sure that you do your fall cleanup now, so you don’t have to worry about this in spring. Here are some of the things I am planning to do in the next few days:

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Blow, Vac and Mulch those fallen leaves

I did not own a blower vacuum mulcher combo device before and used to rake leaves manually. It is painful to do it manually. I was thinking about buying either the Toro 51599 leaf blower vacuum mulcher or the WORX trivac. Both these units are below $100, but the Toro 51599 reviews were really good. so I ended up getting the Toro 51599.

Compost the Leaves

With the mulcher in the Toro 51599, I am able to get all the leaves cut into really small pieces which will help them to be composted faster. My composting bin in the yard gives me some really good compost which I dump in my vegetable beds in the spring. It is just a great feeling to not be throwing away all those kitchen scraps, cardboards and yard waste and instead feeding it back to the earth through my composter.

Lasagna Gardening

This fall, I plan to do some lasagna gardening in my vegetable beds. Lasagna gardening is a concept of layering “browns” and “greens” in the beds. Browns are newspapers, dried leaves and corrugated cardboard. Greens are kitchen scraps, grass clippings and used ground coffee beans. These will get composted inside the vegetable bed by spring and to speed up the process, I may also add some red composting worms. So by the time I am ready to plant my veggies in the spring/early summer, the vegetable beds would already be rich in nutrients.

Bring Potted Plants Indoors

I have a potted curry leaf plant and some other tropical plants that cannot stand harsh winters. I bring them in every winter, though they don’t do quiet as well indoors. Before bringing them in though, I prune them well and remove all the dried leaves and debris from the pots. I also thoroughly water the plants a few times before bringing them in.

Prune Perennials

I have many perennials planted in my garden. I prune them and mulch them well to protect the roots from the cold weather. Last fall I got a little lazy and didn’t prune them till spring. The new shoots in the plant took some time to settle down as old branches and leaves were completely blocking out the sun. This is also the time to dig up and store those bulbs that cannot survive the cold.

Fall is a very exciting time for me. I love to be outdoors and the not-so-hot weather just feels great. The above activities can be done with the family and the kids love to do these. Just a few more days of fun, before winter arrives.

Credit: Thumbnail pic by mnsfly

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