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Following the success of last year’s online transmission of NFL Sunday Night Football games, the NFL is going one step further this year. You can watch all Sunday night football games of the 2009 season live online in HD. The HD player that will be used for the telecast will feature DVR style controls, allowing the user to go backwards to watch previous plays!!!

All NFL Sunday Night Football games will be available at the following link :

The HD quality player from NBCSports will use Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. This is the same player that NBC used during the telecast of Beijing Olympics. The following features will be available on the player:

  1. Full DVR functionality
  2. Ability to open the player in the middle of a game and go back all the way to the start of the game. You can also rewind just as much as you like if you only want to go back a certain plays.
  3. Four additional camera angles will also be available in the player.
  4. Highlights and online-only sideline reports.
  5. Markers for all key plays – so that you can watch any of the key plays by pointing the mouse at the corresponding play marker.
  6. NFL expert Mike Florio will provide detailed analysis of every game and will also be available to take questions from fans online.

Here is an image of the SNFExtra HD Player:


Here is the complete schedule of NFL Sunday night games in the 2009 season. All these games can be watched online on and

Sun. Sept. 13 Week 1 Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Sun. Sept. 20 Week 2 New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Sun. Sept. 27 Week 3 Indianapolis Colts at Arizona Cardinals

Sun. Oct. 4 Week 4 San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Sun. Oct. 11 Week 5 Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Sun. Oct. 18 Week 6 Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons

Sun. Oct. 25 Week 7 Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants

Sun. Nov. 1 Week 8 NO SNF GAME (Football Night airs 7-8 p.m.)

Sun. Nov. 8 Week 9 Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

Sun. Nov. 15 Week 10 New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts

Sun. Nov. 22 *Week 11 Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears

Sun. Nov. 29 *Week 12 Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Sun. Dec. 6 *Week 13 New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins

Sun. Dec. 13 *Week 14 Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

Sun. Dec. 20 *Week 15 Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers

Sun. Dec. 27 *Week 16 Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins

Sun. Jan. 3 *Week 17 TBA

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