August 2009

Amazon has an excellent offer on the popular Women’s Health Magazine. For a period of one week ending September 5 2009, Amazon is offering the magazine at an amazing price of only $5 for ten issues. This comes to only 50 cents per issue of the magazine. Take advantage of this incredible offer and buy […]

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In a bizarre ritual in the Mahalaxmi temple of Karur, India (Tamil Nadu State), devotees are lining up to have coconuts broken on their heads.  The devotees believe that they are seeking divine intervention by doing this and will benefit in their personal lives. All I can see happening here is people ending up with […]

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This video is absolutely amazing. But i dont know if this is real or fake? The german guy in the video jumps 35.2 metres after taking off from a water slide and lands perfectly into a small pool of water. A look at the comments section of this youtube video has people saying the usual […]


An Obama poster showing the president of the United States as a joker (Heath Ledger-style) with the word ‘Socialism’ at the bottom of the poster is popping up in some place in Los Angeles. No one knows who is putting up these posters or what their real motive is. There are no signs or names […]