Creator Puneet Agarwal aka Deshmukh Backs Down & Ends Campaign

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The Indian government has finally banned the popular online toon series in India. All Internet Service Providers are now following the directive from the Department of Telecommunications to block internet access to This has come as a rude shock to many bloggers and netizens in India. This directive from the union government is more on the lines of what the communist government in China is doing with regards to Internet censorship.

The Indian Government has now banned Fans of the Savita Bhabhi Cartoon series in India and other parts of the world can still gain complete access to Savita and her stories by going to

savita stories from are more popular than ever

The creator of this popular toon website, Deskhmukh, had to reveal his true identity in order to fight this ban imposed by the Indian government. We now know the creator is Puneet Agarwal, who is a second generation businessman in the UK. Puneet still likes to be called Deshmukh and started the SaveSavita project a few days ago to help fight this ban imposed by the Indian government. The website was an instant hit with many Savita fans voicing their concern about the ban on the website.

Yesterday, Deshmukh announced in a press release that he is abandoning his fight against this ban. The reason he cited was personal and family issues. Here is the complete text from his press release:

“Dear Savita Bhabhi supporters. It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that I will be shutting down the Save Savita campaign and everything associated with it. Unfortunately, due to personal and family issues arising from my going public last week, I am forced to take this decision.
I will be taking down all links and posts subsequent to releasing this statement. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to bloggers/tweeters that are linking to the content on the Save Savita website.” – Puneet

Has The Ban Really Worked?

This ban imposed by the Indian government has had the opposite effect and helped promote Savita Bhabhi and her stories into mainstream media. Every news outlet is talking about this ban and this has only enhanced Savita’s popularity. This move by the Indian government has laid a dangerous precedent and indicated its willingness to ban websites as it deems fit. Internet Censorship is well and truly on its way in India.

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