July 2009

Congress has approved another two billion dollars for the Cash For Clunkers program this morning. The program was about to be suspended by the White House as almost all the one billion dollars initially approved were said to have been used up in week one. The House of Representatives voted 316-109 that added two billion […]


The Cash For Clunkers program is already off to a great start as dealers across the country are reporting good traffic into their showrooms enquiring about the Cash For Clunkers Program. According to some estimates, about 8000 or so gas guzzling cars have already been traded in exchange for fuel efficient cars in just the […]


Amazon.com has been charging a dollar to the credit cards of many consumers who have bought on it’s website. The mysterious one dollar charge shows up as a separate charge in addition to the amount charged for their product purchases. This has left many wondering if Amazon.com is just stealing from them? I do not […]


The Obama administration recently launched the Cars.gov website as part of their Cash For Clunkers Program (Car Allowance Rebate System). The $1 billion plan will help new car buyers to get $3000 – $4,500 upon the purchase of a new fuel efficient car and trade in of their old gas inefficient cars. Interest in this […]


McDonald’s is heating up the competition and wants to give Starbucks, King of the java market, a run for its money. Even though McDonald’s forayed into the coffee business pretty late, it is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to grab a pie of the coffee market. Starting July 13, McDonald’s is giving away […]

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With the mercury steadily rising by the day, Baskin Robbins wants to cool things down for young Americans by giving them a free Ice Cream. If you are between the ages of 13 and 25, then you can print the following coupon and take it to your neighborhood Baskin Robbins store. You will receive a […]


The Indian government has finally banned the popular online toon series SavitaBhabhi.com in India. All Internet Service Providers are now following the directive from the Department of Telecommunications to block internet access to SavitaBhabhi.com. This has come as a rude shock to many bloggers and netizens in India. This directive from the union government is […]


Who does not like Oprah and who does not like her ‘O’ magazine? Here is a chance to get more of Oprah Winfrey. You can now receive five free issues of the Oprah magazine (August 2009 – December 2009) without any obligation or commitment. These free issues of the Oprah magazine are being give away […]

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