June 2009

CNN is reporting that the Jackson family has made plans for a public viewing of the King of Pop’s body. Michael Jackson’s body will be in his Neverland Ranch on Thursday morning in preparations for a public viewing on Friday, July 3 2009. The family is also planning a private memorial service on Sunday, July […]

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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, will receive a public funeral that is expected to draw thousands of die hard fans. MJ’s family will also like to have a private funeral so that his children and close friends and family can mourn the pop star’s death in private. Given Michael Jackson’s celebrity status world-wide, his […]


After Change.gov and Recovery.gov, the Obama administration has now launched a new website called www.Cars.Gov. This website will offer information on how to trade in your old car for a more fuel efficient car. Congress passed the $1 Billion Cash-For-Clunkers plan and sent it to President Obama for his signature and consent last week. This […]


A Japanese Scientist/Composer has released a new breast enhancing ringtone that he claims will increase the breast size of a woman in only 10 days. The woman will have to listen to this ringtone 20 times a day. The ringtone consists of crying baby sounds which he says stimulates the growth in female breasts. Check […]


FOX5 news needs to renew their expired Norton Anti-Virus Software. In a rather embarrassing moment during a live FOX5 weather forecast presentation, a Norton Anti-Virus subscription expired notice popped up on the screen. The person controlling the computer was rather quick to dismiss the window. Here is the video of the live news telecast. This […]