Ben Southall Wins The Best Job In The World Contest To Take Care Of The Great Barrier Reef Islands

by Trendy

best job in the world competition for caretaker of the great barrier reef islands Ben Southall will be the caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef Islands, Queensland, Australia for the next six months. The man from the United Kingdom won the Best Job in the world competition and he now has the following responsibilities – Feed the fish, Clean the pool, leisure blogging and exploring the breath taking islands.

Ben will now get to live at the Blue Pearl (3 bedroom home) on the Hamilton Island. He will also earn AUD $150,000 for six months of his contract. He will definitely have the best time of his life. He gets to use the swimming pools, spas, bars and great barbeques by the beach side. Ben has been away from his girlfriend for the last six weeks and cant wait to spend the best time of his life with her.

To read more about what the competition was about, go to this page and to read more about Ben Southall, you can visit his blog at

Video About The Best Job In The World

Video Of Queensland Premiere Announcing Ben Southall As Winner

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