Cinco Demio (Cinco De Mayo) – Mexican Hat Dance And Margarita Recipe

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mexican flag cinco de mayo mexican independence day celebrations cinco demio flag of mexico Cinco Demio is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the defeat of French forces by a much smaller Mexican army led by their General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín. The battle between the Mexican and French forces happened on May 5 1862. Cinco Demio can also be spelt as “Cinco De Mayo” or “Sinco De Mayo”.

Cinco De Mayo is commonly confused as the Mexican Independence Day. This is incorrect as they are not the same. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16. For more on the history associated with Cinco Demio, check out this Wikipedia page.

How to do the Mexican Hat Dance?

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the Mexican Hat Dance is a great book to read about the Mexican Hat Dance. For complete instructions on how to perform the Mexican Hat Dance, take a look at the Mexican Hat Dance Steps listed at the Kids Party Cabin and

Here are a couple of videos on the Mexican Hat Dance:


Margarita Recipe

margarita recipe for cinco de mayo celebrationsHere are sources for some excellent Margarita Recipes. Is there a better way to celebrate Cinco Demio without Maragaritas?

  1. 1. Margarita Recipe, Blue Margarita Recipe, Golden Margarita, Frozen Maragarita Recipe and Banana Margarita Recipe at Targetwoman

2. Margarita Basics at Miss-Charming

3. Video and Margarita Cocktail Recipe at

4. Blood Orange Margarita Recipe at EastVillageKitchen

5. Chambord Raspberry Margarita at HostessBlog

Have a happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Photo Credits : Mexican Flag picture by eralon, Margarita picture by cillian storm

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