Classic T-Mobile Fav Five Commercial Ad Video (Fave 5) Starring Dwayne Wade, Charles Barkley, Dwight Howard & Yao Ming

by Trendy

T-Mobile has made some classic commercials in the last couple of years surrounding Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade and former NBA player Charles Barkley. Both the players have become synonymous with T-Mobile’s Fav 5 feature. The ads are humorous and also made it to Time magazine’s Top 10 TV ads list last year. T-Mobile announced a few weeks ago that they will drop the Barkley-Wade ads as a result of Barkley’s drunken driving episode. They did not want any negativity associated with the brand. But looks T-Mobile ate its words and is back with new ads, this time also featuring Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard and Houston Rockets’ Chinese Superstar Yao Ming.

Here is a collection of some of these classic T-Mobile Fav 5 Dwayne Wade – Charles Barkley Commercial Ad videos. Enjoy!

T-Mobile Commercial Featuring Dwayne Wade, Charles Barkley and Yao Ming Ad Video

T-Mobile Fave Five Commercial Ad Video Featuring Charles Barkley, Dwayne Wade And Dwight Howard

Dwayne Wade Pleading With Charles Barkley To Add Him To His Fave Five


Dwayne Wade Gets Into Barkley’s Fav Five – Super Bowl 2008 Ad

Chuck Wants NBA Cushy Socks

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