Put Your Resume & Cover Letter On Your Shirt Using ResumeShirts.com

by Trendy

resume-cover-letter-on-shit-resumeshirts-comWhat better way to let the world know that you are looking for work, than actually wearing your resume? Yes, you can now wear your cover letter and resume by designing your own resume shirt at www.resumeshirts.com This new service allows you to choose a color, size and type of shirt (Resume or Cover letter printed on the shirt). The price for designing and receiving your resume shirt is $19.99. Looks like they also charge $5 as shipping fee.

The website of resumeshirts.com states that they donate all proceeds towards running the OddJobNation.com website. OddJobNation is a web resource for folks who have recently lost their jobs due to the economic turmoil. It helps find odd jobs on craigslist and lists them. Check these sites out and let me what you think about them.

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