President Obama Puts New Presidential Marine One Helicopters Order On Hold

by Trendy

President Obama has put on hold a $11 billion order for 28 new “Marine One” presidential Helicopters. Republican Senator John McCain had previously suggested that the new President did not need the new helicopters from Lockheed Martin Corp at a time when government spending is under severe scrutiny from taxpayers. The $11.2 billion that would have come from taxpayer money would have easily bought a brand new “Air Force One” plane for the President.

This order for new helicopters was actually sent out during the presidency of George W. Bush and Obama has done the right thing by putting it on hold. At a time when scores of Americans are losing jobs and finding it difficult to make ends meet, this was the right thing to do.

Why Is The Presidential Helicopter Called “Marine One”?

Many are aware that the airplane the American President uses is called “The Air Force One”. Similarly the Helicopter used by the President for short distance travel inside the US and when travelling abroad is called the “The Marine One”. Technically there is more than one “Marine One” helicopters like the “Air Force One” planes. A Helicopter officially becomes “Marine One” only when the President of the United States steps aboard. When the President is aboard the “Marine One”, multiple clones of ‘Marine One’ also travel with him. This is a safety precaution so that no one knows which Helicopter the President is really in.

Marine One Photos – First Time President Obama Boarding Marine One



Here are a few videos about the Air Force One and Marine One. For more Airforce One videos go here and for Marine One videos go here.



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