Henrietta Hughes Becomes The Face Of US Economic Crisis After Reaching Out To President Obama For Help

by Trendy

Henrietta Hughes is now the face of the US economic crisis after she reached out to President Obama for help during a town hall meeting at Fort Myers, Florida. President Obama was moved and told Hughes that he will have his staff personally talk to her after the meeting. He also kissed Hughes on the cheek, an indication that he was hurting  after hearing Hughes’ story.

Obama, Who had seen Hughes waiting and raising her hand for a long time, finally gave her the chance to talk. This is what Hughes said to the president:

My son and I are homeless, and we need immediate help. I have an urgent need, unemployment and homelessness, a very small vehicle for my family and I to live in. The housing authority has two years waiting lists, and we need something more than the vehicle and the parks to go to. We need our own kitchen and our own bathroom. Please help.

Henrietta Hughes has now become a media star and has been giving interviews to various news outlets. Her story is very similar to the many Americans who have lost their jobs and home to the current economic crisis.


Chene Thompson, wife of state Rep. Nicholas Thompson, has now offered Hughes and her family a house in La Belle. The house is a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath house and will be available to Hughes free of rent. The offer also includes no end date. Hughes can live there for as long as she would like.


President Obama was in the Fort Myers area promoting his Stimulus plan and is reaching out to Congress to pass it as soon as possible. He is hoping that this Stimulus plan will help kick start the economy again and bring back the millions of jobs that have been last over the last one year. People are losing their home and committing acts that they would have never thought that this crisis would make them do.

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