TGIF Coupons – Buy One Entree, Get One Entree Free TGI Fridays Coupon Valid Until March 1 2009

by Trendy

TGIF, the popular restaurant chain, is giving away free food. TGIF has come out with a special offer, valid until March 1 2009, that will get you one free entree on the order of one entree. WOW!

Following the special Super Bowl promotion by Denny’s, may other restaurants seem to be giving away free food to bring people back into their restaurants. In a receding economy where Consumers are holding back every penny, restaurants and the hospitality industry are one of the most affected (McDonalds might be an exception). Giving away such free offers may bring families back to dining outside, but only time will tell how far this will help.

Anyway, all I am thinking right now is i will be eating at TGIF tonight for sure. You can also redistribute this coupon out to friends and family(they will thank you for that).

Here is the coupon. Click on the image for a bigger printable version.

tgif coupons - tgif buy one entree get one free entree coupon valid till march 1 2009.

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