Super Bowl XLIII 2009 Commercials & Ads Videos – Super Bowl 43 Commercials Preview

by Trendy

Super Bowls are as much about Ads as they are about the actual game. A 30 second ad slot during the Super Bowl XLIII is said to be selling for $2.7 million. Super Bowl 43 will be no different. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will also perform at the Super Bowl 2009 halftime in Tampa, Florida.

Here is a look at some of the Super Bowl 2009 Ads that are already being talked about days before the actual Super Bowl 43 game on February 1 2009.

The Banned PETA Ad – PETA Veggie Super Sex Ad Rejected By NBC

Yes, this ad has been banned. It will not be aired by NBC after it rejected this PETA Super Veggie Sex ad for being hypersexual in nature.


E-Trade Super Bowl 2009 Ad Video

The E-Trade Super Bowl 2008 Ad was one of the most popular ads during the Super Bowl game. The talking baby won the hearts of many in the audience in a big way that resulted in E-Trade experiencing double-digit growth in the number of new brokerage accounts opened immediately after the Super Bowl game. Here is a look at E-Trade’s 2009 Super Bowl 43 ad video.


H&R Block Super Bowl 2009 Ad Teaser Video

Here is a look at the teaser video of H&R block that will air during the Super Bowl XLIII 2009 game


Denny’s 2009 Super Bowl 43 Teaser Video Ad

Denny’s family restaurant will air this ad during the third quarter of the Super Bowl XLIII game. The ad is titled  ‘Thugs’ and takes a shot at candy breakfasts.


SoBe Monsters Vs Aliens 3D Ad Video Super Bowl 2009

This is the first time a Super Bowl ad will be aired in 3D.  SoBe Lifewater is bringing back the lizards, who will dance with characters from the upcoming animated movie ‘Monsters Vs Aliens’. Three NFL players will also join these lizards in the ad. The players are Ray Lewis  (Baltimore Ravens), Matt Light (New England Patriots) and Justin Tuck (New York Giants).

Here is a preview of the SoBe lizards 3D ad video


Bridgestone Super Bowl 2009 Ad Video – Roadkill – Mrs. Potata Head Screaming

Bridgestone is extending its roadkill theme from last year. This year’s super bowl commercial from Bridgestone will feature a screaming Mrs. Potato Head before her yellow convertible is about to hit a herd of sheep. Here is the Bridgestone Super Bowl 43 ad teaser video and the making of this ad.


Anheuser-Busch Budweiser & Bud Light Super Bowl 2009 Commercial Ad  Video

Anheuser-Bush spends millions every year to buy commercial ad spots in the Super Bowl game. This year they have bought spots totalling 4.5 minutes. Conan O’ Brian is said to be in the one of the ads this year.  Here is a video of one of the ads that features a ‘Porno’ guy who gets caught between an old friend, the gas station lady and a burglar.

VideoGully Super Bowl 2009 Commercials Video – Ads featuring Danica Patrick

Who does not know about the GoDaddy Super Bowl ads. Year after year GoDaddy grabs headlines with their commercials. This year they have two potential ads and only one of them will make it to the Super Bowl.’s website visitors will choose the winner. Both the ads feature Danica Patrick. Here is a video of both the ads. Which one would you prefer? Lampoon’s Baseball Steroid Scandal or Danica Patrick Shower with another woman?


Pedigree Super Bowl 2009 Commercial Ad Video – Get A Dog Ad featuring Rhino, Bison and Other Big Animals

Pedigree is running its first ever Super Bowl commercial during Super Bowl 43. This ad features a number of big animals like Rhino and Bison. The ad basically talks about adopting pets that have been let go by their owners. Its humorous and makes its point. Pedigree makes pet food and is owned by Mars Inc.

VideoGully Super Bowl 2009 Commercial Ad Video – Tips Commercial

This ad shows exactly whats happening to many of us in this deterioarating economy. Layoffs are happening everywhere and many who are still with jobs are just happy that they have a job. This Super Bowl 43 commercial shows frustrated people and also promotes its website as an avenue to get another job.


I can’t wait for Super Bowl sunday. It is going to be a blast.

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