21 Year Old Dale Lyle Beats $1400 98 MPH Speeding Ticket By Proving His Honda Civic Cannot Go Beyond 85 MPH

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English driver Dale Lyle, 21 years of age, is seeking $1700 in damages in addition to the many hours he had to spend to prove that a $1400 ticket that he received and a case against him from Crown Prosecution Service was wrong. Dale Lyle had always been a safe driver adhering to speed limits. He was shocked when he was sent a mobile speed-camera footage that supposedly clocked him driving a Honda Civic at 98 miles per hour. Lyle could not believe it as his Honda Civic was ancient and had difficulty to even drive at a decent speed.

Being an innocent victim Dale decided to buy back his Honda civic that he had already sold to a buddy and took it to an expert to test the civic’s top speed. The results of the test showed that his civic could not go beyond 85 miles per hour.

dale lyle beat a speeding ticket on his honda civic with test results showing his maximum speed of 85mph

Armed with his test results, he was able to beat the speeding ticket. Crown Prosecution Services dropped their case against him in the face of this clear evidence showing his Honda Civic was too old and bad in shape to get up to 95 MPH.

[Via : DailyMail]

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