Miracle Berry Fruit – Turns Sour And Acidic Foods Sweet

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miracle berry fruit richardella dulcifica sour taste sweet grown in west africa and shown on CSI New York If you saw yesterday’s CSI New York episode (Forbidden Fruit), you will know exactly what I am talking about. The Miracle Berry fruit (also called as Mysterious Berry or Flavour Berry) was at the center of a homicide investigation by NYPD CSI Mac and his team.

The Miracle Berry is a native plant of West Africa that grows to between 10 and 20 feet in length. The berries of this plant are known to release a glycoprotein molecule with miraculin in it. This glycoprotein molecule binds with the taste buds of a human tongue and changes the taste of sour and acidic foods like lemons to a very sweet taste. This effect can last to a maximum of 2 hours. The berry has a number of health benefits and medicinal uses. It can be used in preparing special foods for diabetic patients as a substitute for sugar. Cancer patients are also said to benefit from this berry as it will clear all the bad flavor in their mouth and nausea generated by chemo and other drugs. The Miracle Berry may also be the real answer to the obesity problem affecting citizens of developed countries like the US and UK as it can replace sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

In the 1970s, the Miralin Company tried to commercialize the Miracle Berry in a bid to help diabetics. But in an unexpected development, the FDA banned its products. Robert Harvey, the founder of the Miralin Company feels that the FDA was pressured into banning his products by the strong sugar industry which saw the Miracle berry as a huge threat to all its sugars and sweeteners. To read more on this controversy, go to this BBC article.

The Miracle Berry is making its way back and receiving attention from mainstream media like BBC and TV shows like CSI. Take a look at these videos about the Miracle Berry.

Video : Miracle Berry Fruit At A New York Times Party


Video : Miracle Berry on Richard And Judy Show


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