Burger King Launches BK Flame Body Spray For Men (www.FireMeetsDesire.com)

by Trendy

burger king  has launched its body spray called flame that smells like flame broiled meat If men cannot get enough of Burger King’s grilled meat burgers and Whoppers, they can now use Burger King’s new body spray called Flame to smell like its burgers. The Flame is being launched this Christmas season and is said to be the ‘Scent of Seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat’.

A website has also been launched to coincide the launch of Flame body spray. The website is www.FireMeetsDesire.com .The Flame body spray is being sold for $4 at select stores. The stores list can be found at the firemeetsdesire.com website.

I have always found the “King” to be creepy and cant stand him. This spray is probably the last thing I will ever want to lay my hands on.

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