America’s First Face Transplant Performed On Woman Patient At Cleveland Clinic

by Trendy

The Cleveland Clinic has announced that they have performed America’s first face transplant today. It was a near-total face transplant that was performed on an unidentified woman. The surgery was performed by renowned Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Maria Siemionow. Dr.Siemionow is said to have replaced about 80% of the woman’s face with that of a female donor, who died two weeks ago. More details on the patient and actual procedure that was performed are awaited. The clinic plans to hold a news conference soon where it will give more information about the surgery that was performed.

The world’s first ever face transplant was performed three years ago in France. In November 2005, doctors in france operated on a woman called Isabelle Dinoire. A portion of her face had been ripped off  by her pet Labrador dog. The incident occurred when Dinoire went off to sleep after taking some sleeping pills. Dinoire recently told in an interview that she is still struggling to come to terms with her new identity and continues to remain uncertain at who she is while looking in the mirror.

Face transplants have been a controversial subject in medical circles. Some argue that it should be done as it will improve a patient’s quality of life while others say that it will lead to psychological problems in a patient as the patient needs to cope with a completely new identity that he/she attains when they get someone else’s face.

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