Dennis Quaid & Kimberly Buffington (Quaid) Reach $750,000 Settlement With Hospital Over Blood Thinner Overdose Of Their Twins

by Trendy

dennis quaid and kimberly huffington have settled their twins blood thinner overdose lawsuit for $750,000 Dennis Quaid and Wife Kimberly Buffington (Kimberly Quaid) have reached a $750,000 settlement with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as parent’s damages. The hospital’s doctors and nurses had administered an overdose of blood thinner to their newborn twins in 2007. The couple have not yet settled and can pursue charges on behalf of their twins.

Dennis Quaid had the following to say CBS’ 60 minutes :

Quaid said on 60 Minutes, β€œIt was the scariest, most frightening day that I think either of us have ever been through, to come face to face with your little kids who – so young in that kind of situation.” [Via :]

The Quaids had also filed a lawsuit against the makers of the blood thinner Baxter Healthcare Corp. But that lawsuit was dismissed in court. The drug maker is now planning to sue Cedars-Sinai medical center for not following instructions on how to administer its drug to patients.

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