One Dollar Diet Project – Christopher Greenslate And Kerri Leonard Experiment Spending One Dollar A Day On Food

by Trendy

Two Social Justice teachers Christopher Greenslate and Kerri Leonard are leading the way in showing how to survive and put food on the table during these tough economic times. The couple started their ‘One Dollar Diet Project’ in September 2008 to save unnecessary money that is spent on food and meals. Here is a picture of Christopher and Kerri obtained from their One Dollar Diet Project Website – (or


They wanted to spend only one dollar per head on food per day. They challenged themselves to see if they can live by only spending a dollar a day on food. The rules they set for themselves were as follows:

1. All food consumed each day must total $1 for each of us. 

2. We cannot accept free food or “donated” food unless it is available for everyone in our area. (i.e. foraging, samples in stores, dumpster diving)

3. Any food we plant, we pay for.

4. We will do our best to cook a variety of meals; ramen noodles can only be prepared if there is no other way to stay under one dollar. (We have six packages and will buy no more)

5. Should we decide to have guests over for dinner they must eat from our share; meaning they don’t get to eat their own dollar’s worth of food.

Christopher and Kerri have been able to successfully survive this challenge. They have blogged about how and what they spent their daily dollar on food with pictures. They have shared some of their recipes and also posted a Food Cost Index. If you are interested in what they have been eating for the last few months, start reading their blog starting at Day 1 of their experiment here. You might learn a thing or two on how to cut unneeded expenses on food and how to live happily with what you have and whatever you make.

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