Walmart Getting Ready To Bring The Apple iPhone To The Masses

by Trendy

iphone-coming-to-walmart-stores-for-sale  Bloomberg is reporting that Walmart stores across the country will soon carry Apple’s mobile device, the iPhone 3G. The report cited employees of five california Walmart stores confirming that they were undergoing training to sell the iPhones at their Walmart stores.

Earlier there were rumors that the iPhone might be sold at Walmart for $99. The price is not yet confirmed and many doubt if it will really sell at $99. Irrespective of the price, this agreement between Walmart and Apple will definitely bring the iPhone to the masses. Best Buy was the first big name retail store to start selling iPhones. Apple had discontinued its 4GB model, but some analysts are expecting that the 4GB model may make a comeback at Walmart’s desired selling price of $99. Apple has already sold more than 10 million iPhones and has achieved Steve Jobs’ initial target of capturing one percent of the world wide cell phone market.

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