Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge Dealership In Miami Doing A Buy One Get One Free Promotion On Dodge Trucks

by Trendy

Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge car dealership in Miami is doing a promotion that I have only seen at footwear and other retail stores before. Never seen anything like this in a car dealership. This Dodge dealership in Miami is throwing in a free Dodge truck with the purchase of a brand new Dodge truck!! Don’t believe it? Look at this ad that I grabbed from the dealership’s website

rob lambdin's university dodge dealership in miami buy one get one free on the purchase of a brand new dodge truck

CNN is reporting that about 700 dealerships have closed down across the country owing to bad and dropping sales numbers. Even though Gas prices are down to below $1.75 in most states, the high gas prices that we had a few months ago has left consumers with no desire for big gas guzzlers like trucks and SUVs. Even the Big 3 US car makers Ford, GM and Chrysler are in dire straits and are lobbying Washington to bail them out from their financial mess and get them back on their feet.

Car dealerships are getting desperate to sell their cars, trucks and SUVs and this translates into great deals and offers for consumers. The Rob Lambdin’s University Dodge dealership has come out with this offer obviously to stay afloat. How they are going to make money with deals like these is beyond me. Btw, the second truck with this promotion is not really free. You will have to pay tax and dealership fees on the fee truck which amounts to $3000. That is still way less than the actual price for a Dodge truck.

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