Free Dr Pepper Coupon For All Americans As Guns n Roses Release Chinese Democracy

by Trendy

chinese-democracy-guns-n-roses-free-dr-pepper-coupon-soda Back in March, Dr.Pepper placed a big bet on Guns n Roses. The bet was that if the group manages to release their ‘Chinese Democracy’ album in 2008, every American will receive free Dr Pepper coupons. With over six delays in release and production woes, the Guns n Roses group has finally released the album today (Nov 23 2008). Dr Pepper will now provide all Americans with a free Dr Pepper soda. You can grab a free Dr Pepper coupon by heading to their website at The website is currently experiencing heavy traffic and you may be put in a virtual line to wait for your free coupon.

Search for the term ‘Dr Pepper’ is though the roof on all search engines. You can see the number of searches for Dr Pepper has almost tripled today as per the search trends information graph from Google.

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