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A CBS News poll conducted on the eve of today’s historical presidential election shows that McCain has made some ground in his race to the White House against Democratic candidate Barack Obama.

The Early voting poll found the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joe Biden having a lead of 51% to 42% of the John McCain and Sarah Palin Republican ticket. In an earlier poll conducted a few days ago, Barack Obama was leading the polls by a comfortable margin of 13%. That comfortable lead seems to have shrunk by 4% to only a 9% lead. This election has been fiercely contested and the election 2008 results will be far from one sided. It will go down till the end of the wire and you may find yourself waiting till the wee hours of Wednesday to figure out who is winning the presidential election.

The CBS early voting poll had the following to say about it exit poll results :

On the eve of the 2008 presidential election, the CBS News Poll finds the Democratic ticket, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, still with a comfortable lead over the Republicans, John McCain and Sarah Palin. The Democrats hold a nine point advantage among likely voters, including those who lean toward a candidate. Only 5% remain undecided. Obama-Biden led McCain-Palin by 13 points in yesterday’s poll.

There is evidence that Sarah Palin’s presence on the Republican ticket has hurt McCain with some voters; she is the top reason voters give for having switched their support from McCain to Obama. But McCain also suffers from ties to his party and to an extremely unpopular Republican President: George W. Bush’s 20% approval rating is the lowest recorded for any President, and a majority of voters think McCain would continue the current Administration’s policies.

You can following live election results and early voting exit poll results here.

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