SNL Video : Real John McCain Appears On Saturday Night Live With Tina Fey Playing Sarah Palin

by Trendy

Republican Presidential nominee Senator John McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live and did the opening piece with Tina Fey playing the role on Sarah Palin. Tina Fey has helped Saturday Night Live get more viewers than previous years with her perfect portrayal of Sarah Palin especially nailing it with Palin’s mannerisms and accent.

John McCain made fun of his cash strapped campaign and said that he could only afford to buy time on the QVC channel. The opening skit had McCain and Tina Fey playing QVC hosts and selling items like commemorative plates, pork knives and fine gold jewelry. McCain also said he cannot match the lavish spending by Barack Obama, Who recently purchased a big TV spot on most television networks for millions.

Here is the SNL video of the opening skit of Saturday Night Live with John McCain and Tina Fey. Don’t know why the real Sarah Palin did not accompany John McCain for their last pitch to America before the elections.

Sarah Palin had herself made her SNL debut on October 19 and the show received a massive audience to see her. Here is the video of Sarah Palin’s first appearance on Saturday Night Live:

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