Black Friday Ads 2008 Leaked & Begin To Show Up On Black Friday Dedicated Websites

by Trendy

With almost a month to go for Black Friday, dedicated websites for Black Friday deals have already begun publishing deals and ads from big retail outlets. Black Friday is probably the busiest shopping day in America and is the day after Thanksgiving. A number of websites dedicate themselves exclusively to publishing deals from different stores. They are mostly active for only about a month of the year, but they get so many hits during that one month that it offsets the close to zero traffic during the other 11 months.

Usually these websites get information on these deals prior to a store making it public. Its usually an insider who leaks this information to these websites. Last year, Walmart was so miffed when its Black Friday catalogue was leaked online, that it threatened legal action against these websites. It also warned its employees of severe consequences if anyone was found leaking confidential information about the Black Friday ads to outsides.

But, nevertheless these websites somehow get hold of Black Friday ads and put them online. A lot of bargain hunters now checkout these ads and only go to stores that are carrying what they need.

Here are some Black Friday Ads dedicated website that you should check out:

If you are not the kind to wake up early morning on Black Friday, you can still take advantage of special deals by buying online on Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving. The above sites also publish exclusive Cyber Monday deals, so don’t forget to check them out.

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