Daylight Savings Time Schedule 2008 – Fall Time Change For 2008 On Sunday, November 2 2008

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Daylight Savings Starts – Second Sunday In March

Daylight Savings Ends – First Sunday In November

Daylight savings for the year 2008 will end next Sunday on November 2 2008. Last year, congress signed into law the new daylight savings time schedule effective from 2008. Daylight savings now ends on the fist Sunday of November. Until last year, Daylight savings during the Fall used to end on the last Sunday of October. The start of Daylight Savings was also changed from the first Sunday to April to the second Sunday in March. As a result of this change Daylight Savings is now one month longer than before.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states in the US that do not observe Daylight Savings. Earlier, Indiana was also part of this group before a law was passed in Indiana agreeing to implement Daylight Savings.

The Navajo Nation, though in Arizona, follows the Daylight Savings system.

Other countries like Canada, Mexico and Parts of the European Union have their versions of the Daylight Savings system.

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