Watch 30 Rock Season 3 Episode 1 “Do Over” Online One Week Before TV

by Trendy

watch 30 rock season 3 episode 1 titled, Do Over, online one week before it premieres on television NBC’s web properties have seen a huge spike in traffic after Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s appearance and Tina Fey’s performance on Saturday Night Live. and are websites owned by NBC corporation. Cashing in on the heavy influx of internet visitors, NBC is premiering the first episode of 30 Rock’s third season titled “Do Over” online – one week before it will be shown on TV. 30 Rock is one of the most popular shows on NBC and putting it online will help generate more curiosity and interest in the third season’s opening episode. Moreover the online episode has very limited commercials compared to the numerous ones on TV.

Here is the full episode titled ‘Do Over':

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