Mammoth Golden Orb Weaver Spider Eating A Bird In Australian Backyard Caught On Film

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giant-golden-orb-weaver-spider-eating-a-bird A giant golden orb weaver spider in a backyard of Atherton, Australia was found to be feeding on a bird that was many times its size.  An Australian newspaper Cairns Post posted the pictures of the golden orb weaver spider feeding on the bird. The pictures were captured on film, probably by the home owner. The bird is a Chestnut-breeded Mannikin and apparently got entangled in the web of this spider.

The giant golden orb weaver spiders are found in Australia and are usually known to only prey on large insects. This is the first time anyone has seen it eat a prey this large. the golden orb weaver’s web is very strong is said to be rich in protein. These spiders usually wait till their preys give up and become a sitting duck. The spider’s web is so strong that the prey usually stand very little chance in breaking the web and escaping. You can imagine how strong this particular spider’s web would have been to capture this Mannikin and not let it free itself.

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