Husqvarna Launching Solar Powered Lawn Mower (Automower) In The US

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husqvarna-automower-automower-solar-hybrid  The world’s largest producer of lawn mowers, Husqvarna,  is bringing a green and efficient robotic lawn mower to the United States. Husqvarna is launching the Automower  SolarHybrid lawnmower at the Green Industry and Equipment Expo(GIE EXPO) 2008. The Automower SolarHybrid is partly powered by solar energy. When it exhausts its stored solar energy, it reverts to its battery power supply obtained by charging with electricity. It is the first solar powered lawnmower and the going by what it sells for in europe, price tag on it could be in the $3000-$3500 range. Here is a video of solar hybrid Automower (non-solar powered) robot, that will give you an idea of this robot mower works :


Husqvarna issued a press release today detailing some more features of this robotic solar powered hybrid lawn mower, Automower.

The Solar Hybrid mower is designed to handle lawns of up to a half acre.Incorporating solar and battery power, it uses considerably less energy thanany conventional mower with its large integrated solar panel and isemissions-free. When there is daylight available, the solar cells enable themower to extend its cutting periods before requiring a recharge. Lower powerconsumption and an extended battery life enable a faster, more environmentallyresponsible cut.
A small wire is staked to the ground below the grass level, or buried justbeneath it, around the perimeter of the lawn to be mowed. The on-boardnavigation system monitors its position relative to the wire keeping it in thearea to be mowed. The irregular pattern of movement, the long battery life,and its ground speed enables it to effectively mow all parts of the lawn.Obstacles or other areas within the lawn that should not be mowed are handledin one of two ways: if the object is rigid and at least six inches tall liketrees or fences, the mower gently bumps into it, reverses, and starts off inanother direction; other areas, like a flowerbed, are excluded from thecutting area by using the perimeter wire.
The Automower(TM) Solar Hybrid mower is programmable to be personalizedvia timer, and charges itself when required by returning to its base. The22-pound mower cuts day or night, rain or shine and has a 4-digit pin codelock feature required to operate the mower and an alarm for security. Othersafety features include lightweight and out-of-reach blades and automatic shutoff when the device is lifted from the ground. Additionally, the threerazor-like blades cut the grass cleanly and more often than a traditionalmower which leaves shorter clippings that decompose faster and provide anatural fertilizer for an even better-looking yard.

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