Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe Of Clothes And Accessories Cost $150,000

by Trendy

RNC spends $150,000 on her Sarah Palin's wardrobe,clothes,shoes and accessories

A whopping $150,000 dollars has been spent so far on dressing up Sarah Palin for her public appearances. According to a recent financial disclosure made by the Republican National Committee, $76K was spent at the Neiman Marcus store in Minneapolis, $50K was spent in New York and St.Louis and about $5K was spent on getting her hair done. All this was spent just in the month of September.

This spending on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and accessories is way over what previous presidential campaigns has seen. Sarah Palin is pretty and is known more for her good looks than her political skills and experience. Even Alec Baldwin complemented her for her looks and said she is way hotter in person, when she made an appearance on Saturday Night Live. Bloggers are furious and are calling on donors to ask for their money back.

With all the McCain talk about “Joe – the Plumber” and Palin’s “Six Pack Joe” talk, this outrageous spending is the complete opposite of what they are preaching in these tough times. What happened to all the Cutting wasteful government spending talk? If the McCain campaign is ready to spend $150K of donations received to run an election campaign to make their candidate beautiful and ‘hot’, you can only imagine how unsuccessful they would be in containing wasteful government spending.

Sarah Palin has goofed up so many times in recent memory and all this spending on her clothes will only increase the talk of how unfit she is to be the Vice-President. The McCain campaign has already pulled out of Michigan and is now contemplating to move out of Colorado, a huge swing state, due to the lack of campaign money. Obama has raised more than $135 million compared to McCain’s $80 million and odd campaign money that he received from taxpayers.

Things are not looking so good for the McCain campaign. After losing some major points during the bailout crisis, this issue will further dent their number in the voter polls. If September 2008 saw them spending $150K on Palin’s clothes, I am guessing they must have already doubled that number in October 2008, with only two weeks left for election day. Sarah Palin now probably has a wardrobe that will last her a lifetime if McCain loses this election.

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