Video Of Tigers Swimming For The First Time With Humans

by Trendy

tigers-swimming-with-human-trainers Tigers are known to be great swimmers. Tigers in captivity rarely get a chance to experience the joy of its amazing natural swimming skills. Now, The Institute Of Greatly Endangered And Rare Species (TIGER) has taken the first step to get tigers in captivity to swim more and get more exercise. Interaction between Humans and Tigers has always been limited, but by building a new swimming pool specifically for the tigers, human trainers are now able to swim along with the tigers to give them much desired exercise.

The new swimming pool holds 10,000 gallons of water with one side of the pool consisting of a glass wall to enable the public to view the swimming tigers. The tigers at the institute weigh about 200 pounds and were not getting enough exercise before the pool was built. Plus, the public gets to view the tigers from very close quarters.

Here is a video of the trainers swimming with the tigers.

 [Via : Telegraph]

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