Mongols Motorcycle Gang Members Arrested By Federal Agents

by Trendy

After the Hell Angels refused to recruit Hispanics, they formed a new gang called the ‘Mongols Motorcycle Gang’. Today, at least 38 members were picked up by federal agents in an operation that simultaneously took place in six different states. To assist this operation of arresting violent Mongols Gang members, sharp shooters were placed within firing range.

The Mongols Motorcycle Gang members were arrested on charges of murder, assault and other drug charges. The gang was under an investigation which started almost three years ago. Federal agents were able to infiltrate the group and provide vital information that led to collection of evidence and information about the illegal activities. With the evidence in hand, the feds were able to get more than 100 arrest warrants and 160 search warrants.

According to the Associated Press,

The agents were required to live away from their families in homes set up to make it look like they lived a Mongols lifestyle, Hoffman said. Four undercover women ATF agents also were involved in the operation, pretending to be biker girlfriends and attending parties with the agents; women are not allowed to become full members of the gang.

“If you go to a party all the time and you don’t ever bring a girl around, it’s kind of weird,” Hoffman said. “Someone might get suspicious.”

To be accepted in the gang, the ATF agents had to run errands and were subject to a background check by private detectives.

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