Make Halloween Costume At Home – Fast, Simple And Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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make cheap and fast last minute halloween costumes at home Times are tough and not everybody can dig deep into their pickets to buy a new Halloween costume for kids and family. Consumer spending has hit a historic low and retailers are predicting that the holiday season will be bad for sales and probably one of the worst ones in recent memory. Everybody has tightened their wallet pockets and spending money on a Halloween costume is probably the last thing on their minds.

You do not have to spoil your every year Halloween fun by not buying a Halloween costume from your grocery store. Try to be a little different and creative this season. You can build your own Halloween costume from unused materials and simple things that are just lying around your house. Your kids will be excited to wear something that no kid in town is wearing. Here is a collection of webpages that guide you on how to make Halloween costumes at home. Some of these are real simple and can also be made at the last minute.

  • Laurie Jewell Evans gives you ideas on how to make a Simple Sweat Suit and Inexpensive Leotard.
  • essortment writes about how you can create cat, clown and hobo costumes for Halloween.
  • Shine from Yahoo gives more idea for some real cheap to make Halloween costumes like “Broccoli Spears”,”Fallen Angel” and “Jellyfish”.
  • Laurie Gelman of Cookie magazine details how to make some quick Halloween outfits.
  • Nathalie Lussier on how to create funny Halloween costumes at home.
  • ConsumerReports on how to use sewing machine at home to make a Halloween costume.
  • Ariana Cherry with more ideas for more fun Halloween costumes.
  • Sherri Osborn on fast and simple last minute Halloween costumes.
  • Cardboard Box costumes like Fire truck costume, Battle damaged transformer costume and Deviled egg costume.
  • Animal Costume ideas like Beaver costume, Black cat costume, Dalmation costume and lots more.
  • Bugs and Reptile costume ideas like Bumble Bee costume, Spider costume, Crazy caterpillar and more bugs and reptiles.
  • People Costumes like Apollo 13 Astronaut, Captain Pirate costume and Gangster halloween costume.
  • Popular Character costume ideas like Batman and Queen Amidala, Beanie Baby Costume, Borg from Star Trek Costume and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Costume
  • Scary characters costume ideas for Cereal Killer Halloween Costume, Bride of Frankenstein, Glamour Ghosts Halloween Costume, Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Costume and Mummy Costume

If you would like to share any other resources with more Halloween costume ideas and cheap to make at home costume ideas, please free to do so in the comments section.

[Image Credit : Rafael Amado Deras]

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