Meghna Subhedar, An Indian Techie, Reappears 6 Months After Her Decomposed Body Was Found

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Picture Of Meghna Subhedar Before She Went Missing And After She Reappeared An Indian Software professional, Meghna Subhedar, has reappeared under mysterious circumstances six months after she was presumed to be dead. Subhedar was thought to be dead after a decomposed body found in Goa was identified as hers by her father, Dr.Mohan Subhedar. Yesterday, Dr.Subhedar received a call from his daughter, who said she was at Pune railway station. How she got there and where she had been for the last 6 months is still a mystery. Even Meghna does not remember a thing and she says her memory only takes her to a day ago, when she called her dad from Pune. She said she was hit in the head by a sharp object six months ago and had no clue who did this to her.

The above picture shows Meghna Subhedar before she went missing and after she reappeared in pune.
For more on this mysterious disappearance of Meghna Subhedar, read this story from CNN IBN. The story seems to have gotten the girl’s name wrong. They are referring to her as ‘Meghna Rao’ instead of ‘Meghna Subhedar’.

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