Esquire Magazine Names Halle Berry The Sexiest Woman Alive

by Trendy

Halle Berry recently gave birth to her daughter, Nahla, and at age 42 she has something more to celebrate. Esquire magazine has named her as the ‘Sexiest woman alive’. She is definitely one of the better actress out there who is sexy and likable to everyone. She was the first African-American actress to win an oscar award in 2002 (for her performance in ‘Monster’s Ball’).

This is what Halle Berry has to say about being chosen as the sexiest woman alive –

I’ve been in the business for more than twenty years, and you decide now, at this particular time, that I’m the sexiest woman alive? Come on. I mean, you couldn’t go with the Bond-girl year? You didn’t like the orange bikini? I liked the orange bikini. That would have been a pretty good year. Or what about the Monster’s Ball year? That was a sexy moment. Couldn’t you have packaged that up with some list of the best movie sex scenes ever? That would have been very easy, very magaziney. But 2008? Well, I don’t know exactly what it means, but being forty-two and having just had a baby, I think I’ll take it. There are billions of women on the planet, but let’s just say for shits and giggles that I am the sexiest woman alive.

For more pictures of Halle Berry shot by Esquire, go to this story on Esquire’s website. For complete biography on Halle Berry, go to this Wiki page.

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