Voter Registration Deadline For 21 States Including Florida and Texas Ending Today

by Trendy

Voter registration deadlines for the November 4 Presidential election ends in 21 states today. Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Colorado are some of the high stake states where voter registration will end today.

To view the complete list of states with registration deadlines and online resources, check this pdf file from

Here is a complete chart obtained from with deadlines for overseas citizens and military personnel.

  Overseas Citizens Uniformed Services
State Name and Election Date    
Alabama 24-Oct-08 24-Oct-08
Alaska 5-Oct-08 5-Oct-08
American Samoa 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Arizona 4-Nov-08 4-Nov-08
Arkansas 28-Oct-08 28-Oct-08
California 20-Oct-08 20-Oct-08
Colorado 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Connecticut 3-Nov-08 3-Nov-08
Delaware  20-Oct-08 20-Oct-08
District of Columbia 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Florida 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Georgia 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Guam 24-Oct-08 24-Oct-08
Hawaii 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Idaho 10-Oct-08 10-Oct-08
Illinois 4-Oct-2008 Not Required
Indiana 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Iowa * *
Kansas 31-Oct-08 31-Oct-08
Kentucky 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Louisiana 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Maine 4-Nov-08 4-Nov-08
Maryland 14-Oct-08 14-Oct-08
Massachusetts 3-Nov-08
Michigan 4-Nov-08 4-Nov-08
Minnesota 3-Nov-08 3-Nov-08
Mississippi 5-Oct-08 5-Oct-08
Missouri 8-Oct-08 8-Oct-08
Montana 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Nebraska 17-Oct-08 17-Oct-08
Nevada 4-Oct-08 4-Oct-08
New Hampshire 3-Nov-08 3-Nov-08
New Jersey 31-Oct-08 31-Oct-08
New Mexico  31-Oct-08  31-Oct-08
New York 10-Oct-08 10-Oct-08
North Carolina 3-Nov-08 3-Nov-08
North Dakota 25-Sept-08 25-Sept-08
Ohio 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Oklahoma  29-Oct-08  29-Oct-08
Oregon 14-Oct-08 14-Oct-08
Pennsylvania 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Puerto Rico 4-Sep-08 4-Sep-08
Rhode Island  14-Oct-08  14-Oct-08
South Carolina 4-Oct-08 4-Oct-08
South Dakota 20-Oct-08 20-Oct-08
Tennessee 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Texas 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Utah 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Vermont 29-Oct-08 5pm 29-Oct-08 5pm
Virginia 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08
Virgin Islands 5-Oct-08 5-Oct-08
Washington 4-Nov-08 4-Nov-08
West Virginia 14-Oct-08 14-Oct-08
Wisconsin 15-Oct-08  4-Nov-08
Wyoming 6-Oct-08 6-Oct-08

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