SNL Vice Presidential Debate – Saturday Night Live VP Debate Parody With Tina Fey And Queen Latifah

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Saturday Night Live is having a blast and are making the most of this election season. They continue to mock Sarah Palin with Tina Fey playing Palin’s part to perfection. Tina Fey’s return to SNL started with her and Amy Poehler opening the show playing the parts of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton and asking for an end to Sexism in the presidential election.

The VP debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden on October 2 2008 was watched by a huge audience and was the most watched VP debate ever in America. It even beat the first presidential debate in terms of live viewers.

In the Saturday Night Live episode featuring the VP debate, Queen Latifah plays the part of Gwen Ifill as the moderator of the debate. Here is the complete SNL Vice Presidential Debate video.

Saturday Night Live – SNL VP debate – Tina Fey, Queen Latifah from Vimeo.

Even Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden found the SNL VP debate funny and started laughing uncontrollably when shown a clip of it on ABC news. Here is Joe Biden enjoying every bit of this SNL classic.


To view the video and transcript of the real VP debate between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, go here.

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