Sarah Palin Says Obama Is Palling Around With Terrorists, Slams Political Relationship With Radical Bill Ayers

by Trendy

In an effort to stop their declining poll numbers, the McCain campaign today said that they are going to get a little tougher with only about a month to go for the presidential elections. Sarah Palin fired a huge salvo against Barack Obama by saying that he is “palling around with terrorists”. Yes, terrorists!

Palin was referring to a New York Times article that talked about the relationship between anti-war radical Bill Ayers and Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama. The NYT article had also clarified that the two have never been close and that Obama has never supported Ayers’ radical views. Bill Ayers was involved in the 1970s bombing of the Pentagon and the Capitol Hill building. Ayers and Obama have met twice in the 1990s before Obama became an Illinois senator.

The Obama campaign condemned Palin’s comments and said this is part of their Swift Boat like attacks. They say this is all an effort to shift attention of voters from the current economic situation prevailing in the country.

Here is a CNN video talking about the Palin comments :


[Via : CNN]

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