USS Grunion ID’d : US Navy Confirms Wreckage Found Last Year In Alaska Is USS Grunion

by Trendy

The United State Navy has confirmed that the wreckage of the World War II submarine found last year in Alaska is of the USS Grunion. The USS Grunion was found 3200 feet below the ocean water off the Aleutian Islands. The sons of the commander of the USS Grunion, Lt. Cmdr. Mannert L. Abele, wanted to know where the remains of the submarine commanded by their father rested. The Abele brothers financed a search after receiving reliable information from a Japanese man, Yutaka Iwasaki, about the whereabouts of the USS Grunion. They hired the services of Williamson Associates and with the help of a side scan sonar were able to find the USS Grunion.

It has taken 66 years to find the USS Grunion after it reportedly disappeared in 1942. 70 men were on the submarine and the family and relatives of all those crew members have been waiting for all these years to find out what happened and where they rested. To help bring closure to these families, a memorial service will be held in Cleveland on October 11.

To read more on how the Abele brothers found the USS Grunion, head to their website dedicated to their search at

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