Burton Snowboards With Images Of Playboy Models Angers Parents

by Trendy

Burton, the maker of popular Burton brand snowboards has come out with a new line of snowboards called ‘Love’. The ‘Love’ line has caused some parents to be upset as the Burton Snowboards of this line displays images of Playboy models on the backside. Burton says that these boards will be wrapped completely before they are put on shelves of ski shops. Also, they say these boards will only be sold to adults.

Don’t know what the licensing deal between Burton and Playboy is but displaying Playboy models on the backside of snowboards is too much for parents to digest. In today’s world where porn is so easily available on the internet, parents now have to worry about these boards in skiing resorts. Timesargus quotes a worried parent Jeff Sprenger – “Jeff Sprenger is a snowboarder and parent from Essex. He says the Love boards send the wrong message to the models’ intended market, 14 to 24-year-old males.”

The price of the ‘Love’ burton snowboard is $429.95

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