Who Won The Sarah Palin – Joe Biden Vice Presidential Debate? Debate Polls And Debate Analysis From Around The Web

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The Vice Presidential debate between Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Joe Biden attracted millions of viewers in America and worldwide. It was being estimated that this debate would attract more television audience than the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. One of the main reasons being Sarah Palin – who is still relatively unknown to a lot of Americans and who has been shielded from the media by the McCain campaign apart from a couple of interviews with CBS News and ABC News.

You can view the full video and transcript of the Biden – Palin VP debate here.

Detailed viewer polls on the vice presidential debate will not be available until tomorrow. A CBS instant poll showed that biden won the debate 46% – 21% over Sarah Palin. But here are some initial reactions and debate analysis from around the web:

CNN Says

“Sen. Joe Biden gave a knowledgeable but restrained performance in Thursday night’s debate, while Gov. Sarah Palin sought to show that her accomplishments as governor and mayor prove she is qualified to be vice president.

Biden slammed John McCain, saying that “he has been no maverick on the issues that matter to people lives,” but his only challenge to Palin was asking her to articulate a policy on the Iraq war.

Palin pushed her “track record of reform” and said she and McCain are a ” team of mavericks.”

“We’re known for putting partisan politics aside to just get the job done,” she said.

Palin tried to paint Barack Obama as “dangerous” for being open to meeting with rogue leaders without preconditions. “

FoxNews Says

Sarah Palin accused the Democratic ticket of waving a “white flag of surrender in Iraq,” while Joe Biden accused John McCain of being wrong on war policy from the beginning, as the vice presidential candidates faced off for their only debate in St. Louis Thursday night.

The candidates mostly kept attention on the top of their tickets, defending their own running mates and throwing charges at each other’s presidential nominee.

The candidates grappled over the economy and energy policy, but got particularly heated over foreign policy.

After Palin stressed the need for a clear victory in Iraq, Biden countered: “With all due respect I didn’t hear a plan.”

Biden said McCain is the “odd man out” on Iraq, and that President Bush and the Iraqi prime minister are working toward a gradual troop drawdown similar to the withdrawal timeline Obama advocates.

CBS News Says

Vice presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden clashed on the financial crisis, foreign policy, energy and taxes in a nationally televised debate on Thursday night.

Palin committed no major mistakes, but CBS News chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer gave the edge to Biden.

“I thought Sen. Biden had a very good night,” Schieffer said. “Time and again, Gov. Palin would choose not to answer the question.”

A CBS News instant poll of Americans who watched the debate also showed Biden to be the winner by a margin of 46-21 percent. About one-third thought the debate to be a draw.

ABC News says

Vice presidential nominees Joe Biden and Sarah Palin tangled on issues ranging from the economy to Iraq this evening, with Biden declaring Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain has been “dead wrong” on Iraq, and Palin saying the Obama-Biden Iraq policies represent “a white flag of surrender.”

“We will end this war,” Biden, D-Del., declared in St. Louis during the only vice-presidential debate of the campaign season. “For John McCain, there is no end in sight to end this war. Fundamental difference.”

Palin said she and Republican presidential nominee Sen. McCain, R-Ariz., were against withdrawing from Iraq on a timeline.

“Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq and that is not what our troops need to hear,” said Gov. Palin of Alaska. “We cannot afford to lose there, or we will be no better off in the war in Afghanistan, either. We have got to win in Iraq.”

Huffington Post Says reviews are tilting towards a Biden victory –

During the course of the debate, CNN was running a viewer response line for uncommitted voters in Ohio. Overall the numbers reflected a very strong performance for Biden. And while Palin scored well, at times, among this crowd, the dial lines indicated that she remains a controversial figure among females in that state.

Biden repeatedly won high accolades on a wide range of topics. His remarks about the personal trials of having a wife and daughter die in a car accident sent responses from both male and females through the roof. His dig at Dick Cheney — “the most dangerous Vice President in history” — and his pledge to end the war in Iraq were similarly popular. When he defended Obama from Palin’s attacks, he was held in equally high regard.

Much of the time, dial responses sunk when Palin began speaking. Respondents were generally unenthusiastic when she defended McCain. Her defense of the surge generated what was, at best, a flat response. She did have some high moments — her final statement, her defense of Israel and her call to explore off shore drilling were all popular positions.

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