USS Intrepid Back To West Side Manhattan Berth Pier 86 After $115 Million Makeover

by Trendy

The USS Intrepid has arrived back at the Pier 86 of west side Manhattan. The Intrepid is back from its 2 year $115 million refurbishment project. Intrepid is now a popular museum that houses exhibits and collections from sea, space and air. Some of the popular collections include the diesel powered submarine USS Growle, the super-secret A-12 Blackbird spy plane and the Anglo-French luxury airliner Concorde.

The USS Intrepid has a rich history and participated in the World War II and Vietnam War. Republican Presidential candidate John McCain also flew a bomber from the deck of the USS Intrepid during the 1960s. During World War II, the ship lost 270 of its brave men while fighting off Japanese Kamikaze attacks.

According to Bloomberg,

Some 30 Cold War-era aircraft and helicopters will line the museum’s decks, including two newly acquired Soviet-designed MiG fighter jets and a restored Grumman F11F (F-11) Tiger fighter that was part of The Blue Angels U.S. Navy flight demonstration team in the 1960s.

The ship’s interior has new exhibits, and visitors will have access to crew quarters and areas that were previously out of bounds.

For more on the USS Intrepid, its rich history and great museum, head to the USS Intrepid museum website at

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