Britney Spears And Pamela Anderson In New ‘Sex Tape’ Rumors

by Trendy

Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson are back in the limelight as rumors of new sex tapes spread on the internet. No, they are not together on a sex tape (you would like that, wouldn’t you?).

Spears is saying that reports about her ex, Adnan Ghalib, being in possession of a sex tape featuring her in nothing but a pink wig are false. According to ShowBizSpy,

BRITNEY Spears’ camp is throwing cold water on claims her paparazzo ex Adnan Ghalib is in possession of a sex tape featuring the star.

Ghalib told British magazine Heat Monday that “there is such a tape.”

“But I won’t discuss prices,” he said. “Unless there is a locked-in deal, I will go no further.”

It was also claimed the 20 minute tape shows Britney in nothing but a pink wig; and consists of “a long session of kinky foreplay.”

But a source close to the Toxic singer tells E! News, “The story is completely false.”

Meanwhile a german news portal,, is saying that Pamela Anderson made a sex tape with a man who was on the backstage of a magician Hans Klok show. Pamela was in Europe in March 2008 and that is when this sex tape is learnt to have been made. Hans Klok’s manager Rainer Hackl has denied that any such tape exists. He said (translated from german to english using google translate)

I think this is an absolute rumor, totally unfounded. I was in Berlin this and knows about what Pamela did when – I do not think that they stay during their time for such activities had !

If these tapes of Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson do exist, they will definitely show up online sooner or later.

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