British Secret Intelligence Service Advertising On FaceBook To Recurit Secret MI6 Agents

by Trendy

If you want to be a real life James Bond, the 007 secret agent of MI6, and are on FaceBook then there is a good chance that you have already seen the ads from the British Secret Intelligence Service. Yes, the MI6 is looking for new secret agents on the social networking website, FaceBook.

According to the UK’s independent newspaper,

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) has begun advertising on the website as part of its campaign to recruit operational officers.

The Facebook adverts were launched a few weeks ago in a bid to reach a large and wide variety of people, a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.

“The Secret Intelligence Service’s open recruitment campaign continues to target wide pools of talent representative of British society today,” she added.

If interested, you can also apply directly at the Careers webpage on the SIS website,

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