John McCain Targets Obama’s “Yes, I Agree With John” Statements From First Presidential Debate In New TV Video Ad

by Trendy

The first presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama had some fireworks. Obama came out strong and held his own during the debate. He was definitely way better than McCain in the first part of the debate. He was able to hold his fort during the questions about the economy. As the debate went on, McCain seemed to get more convincing with his answers. McCain showed why Americans agree that he is more fit to lead the country than Obama when it comes to foreign policy and dealing with international leaders. Obama obviously cannot match the experience that John McCain has on the world stage and it showed during the latter part of the debate. But full points to Obama for putting up a great fight. Many predicted that Obama does not even stand a chance in a debate against John McCain. Obama might be a great speaker but he will be blown away in a debate – was what many were saying. One thing that stood out during the presidential debate was that Obama kept saying “I agree with John” on a number of occasions. That is definitely not something you would want to say in a presidential debate. In contrast, there were a number of times when McCain said “You do not understand” looking at Obama. There are definitely some lessons that Obama needs to learn from the first presidential debate.

But polls indicate that Barack Obama won the first presidential debate against McCain. Some might not agree with this poll, but i think the debate was probably a tie.
Picking on the frequent “I agree with John” statements from Obama, the McCain campaign has come out with a new video ad asking “Is Obama Fit To Lead?”. Here is the new video from the John McCain campaign:


Here is full video of the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain held at the University Of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Oxford, Mississippi.


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