Letterman McCain Katie Couric YouTube Video – David Letterman Does Not Take McCain’s Snub Kindly, asks “Hey John, Do You Need A Ride To The Airport”?

by Trendy

David Letterman was absolutely mad and furious at Senator John McCain for snubbing him and instead making an appearance on a CBS News interview with Katie Couric. According to Letterman, McCain personally called him and apologized for bailing out at the last minute. He said he was suspending his campaign to rush to Washington and help fight America’s biggest economic crisis since the great depression. Letterman understood the urgency of this issue and said it was ok.

Boy, Was he mad when he knew that McCain did not actually go to Washington to solve the ‘Crisis’ and fix the ‘Crater’ in the economy? Letterman stopped his interview with Keith Olbermann midway to show a live TV feed of McCain getting makeup for his interview with Katie Couric. Letterman said something is terribly wrong with McCain’s campaign and that he was just playing a political game by saying that he was suspending his campaign. He felt this a political gimmick to stop his sliding poll numbers from sliding further. He repeatedly asked the same question – ‘Where is your running mate, Sarah Palin?’. You do not suspend a campaign a month before elections, you get your second in command to run the show instead. A total of 10 minutes was used up by Dave Letterman to shred McCain and his publicity stunt into pieces.

Here is a video from last night’s Letterman show featuring Letterman, McCain and his make up shot with Katie Couric.


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