Gloria Kellum, Vice Chancellor Of Ole Miss (University Of Mississippi), Says First Presidential Debate In Oxford, Mississippi Still On Until Cancellation Officially Announced

by Trendy

The first presidential debate of this election season between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain is still on, according to University Of Mississippi Vice Chancellor, Gloria Kellum. John McCain has publicly announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign to attend to the more important business of fixing the economy. He said ‘he was rushing to Washington’ to help broker a deal between the Bush administration and the Congress. He also canceled his appearance on the David Letterman show for the same reason, but still appeared on a CBS news interview with Katie Couric in New York.

Barack Obama does not want the First presidential debate at Ole Miss, Oxford, Mississippi to be canceled. He says this is exactly the time when Americans would want to hear from the presidential nominees on what they would do to fix the mess our economy is in. After all, one of them will inherit all this mess from President Bush in about 40 days from now.

Both the senators are in the White House today discussing with President Bush and other Congressional leaders about the $700 billion blank check that the administration is asking for from Congress. Barack Obama has said that he will travel to Mississippi right after his meeting. McCain might slide further in his poll numbers if he sticks to his line of ‘rushing to washington’, to ‘fix the crater in the economy’. I think he should participate in the debate and talk directly to the American people on what he intends to do to fix it, if he becomes president. Obama will for sure score more points if he travels to Oxford, Miss and McCain does not.

According to USAToday, Gloria Kellum of Ole Miss says $5 million has been spent on getting ready for this debate.

Gloria Kellum, vice chancellor of the university, told CNN that there has been no talk of any cancellation or other contingency plans.

“We have a strong belief that tomorrow night this debate will be right here,” she said.

Kellum said that $5.5 million in private funds had gone into the preparations for the debate.

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